Time to live our values as conscious leaders

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It’s time to live our values as conscious leaders.

Living our values sometimes means making ourselves uncomfortable. 
It means changing the course of our lives by looking at ourselves deeply. 
It means saying yes to being a good ancestor for the generations that inherit the Earth.
Now is the time to look at the extent to which we are truly living our values and are prepared to take a stand for them.
In “TIME TO LIVE OUR VALUES”,  we explore: 
  • Why black lives matter has EVERYTHING to do with you being a heart-led business owner right now
  • Why not acknowledging what is happening right now can not only be damaging to your business (if you are white) but it also makes you unsafe to be around for black sisters and sisters of colour
  • Why making a link between your offers and what is here now makes you relevant
  • Why it’s time to normalise courageous conversations and expect them
  • How to be a good ancestor