Time for New Earth Leadership!

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“A new paradigm calls for a new kind of leadership”, says the Ascension Seed. “There will be no space for spiritual bypassing, avoidance or performance in the new paradigm. The suffering and oppression of humanity must be made conscious by all New Earth Leaders. We must use our power, our love, our Alchemy and the revolutionary force of our unapologetic joy to transmute these layers for the highest good of all”

 It is my deepest honour to introduce you to my teachers and guides Nyasha and Reuben of the Ascension seed for a session exploring the urgent invitation for all New Earth leaders to heal and transmute internalised systems of oppression so that we can rise and be the change. 

 Nyasha and Reuben are a twin flame couple who work together as The Ascension Seed spreading healing, unity consciousness and soul activation through online courses, sound transmissions, retreats and ceremonies. They are currently channelling their energy into collective racial healing for ALL humans through their 3 week online racial healing course ‘RACISM: Reveal to Heal’ which offers a deep and lovingly held container for racial shadow work to expand consciousness around race and racism. Nyasha and Reuben are passionate about supporting humanity to create oneness in all dimensions by dismantling oppressive structures internally and externally. They offer their work in service to love and collective liberation from all forms of separation.

In our time together, we shared an invitation for you to join the deeply transformational programme ‘Reveal to Heal’ starting on the 24th Aug 2020, which will enable you as a conscious leader and change maker to radically expand in race consciousness and heal deeply from your racial conditioning which will support your ascension, get closer to Love and strengthen your leadership from a place of true Unity Consciousness. When we allow ourselves to consciously heal this deep separation wound  we also activate an accelerated healing around all internalised systems of oppression. 

 Learn more about ‘Reveal to Heal’ here:(starts 24th August 2020): 


In this session I also share the deep energetic shifts and healing I have received through working with Nyasha and Reuben, and how it’s influenced my leadership and my future direction.