Shining bright in messy middle times: Uju Maduforo

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Uju Maduforo is the founder of the Africa’s Finest Mums’ global network, co-author of the newly released “Uncle Gugi’s Wedding” and an Operations consultant.

Uju and Emily worked together to grow the Wish Tree Academy during 2017-2018 and in this loving conversation, Uju shares her perspective on what it means to her and to mums of African heritage like her, to shine bright in these messy middle times, cultivating resilience and the process of becoming a better version of oneself.
Here are the links spoken about in the live:
You can hear more about Uju’s powerful story of resilience, healing from narcissistic domestic abuse on Marcia Hylton’s podcast ‘Free to be me’:
Buy Uncle Gugi’s Wedding – an incredible invitation to learn about Nigerian Igbo Culture and an invitation to learn about our own cultures too!
The power of knowing our roots can be immense and enable us to appreciate other peoples on a much deeper level.
During our conversation Uju shared that she had heard someone in a Facebook group suggest that ‘diversity equals white genocide’. [deep breaths!]
I shared that in learning about the psychology of white supremacy, I have come to understand more about the role of ‘white cultural loss’ which means that for some white people, not knowing their own cultural heritage or feeling connected to their ancestors means they will see other cultures or diversity in our communities as a threat. It can also lead to culturally appropriating other cultures, traditions and practises, something that is very common in the fields of spirituality, wellbeing and healing. 
Learn more about white cultural loss and disembodiment: 
Sistah SPACE. Provides vital support specifically to women of African heritage (with understanding of the unique societal, cultural and/or religious challenges this community of women face) who have suffered/are suffering from domestic or sexual abuse. You can make a donation here: