Open Minds, Open Hearts

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In this powerful and healing event, heart-led business owners Leanne Evans, Yvette Browne and Eden Croft speak to us about their recent experiences of navigating life, the coaching and wellness industry and their businesses as black women since the murder of George Floyd and before.

This is a totally unique event, and as a community, we are so excited, so proud and so honoured that this event took place in Time to Shine.

It’s a hugely courageous event too.

Some of the things shared are not easy subjects, but they are necessary subjects.

We cannot call ourselves conscious leaders or change makers and not have courageous conscious conversations like the one that took place in “Open Minds, Open Hearts”.

Nonetheless, it is courageous, and that means that we who are going to be listening, we have an important role to play.

The role you as a listener will need to embrace as you listen to the replay is one of empathetic listener.

Before you begin receiving this transmission, you may want to create an undisturbed space for yourself, breathe, connect with the Earth, and read out loud:

“I am here to receive you sister”

“I am here to honour you sister”

“I am here to listen deeply sister”

“I am here to hold the space for your truth sister”

“I let go of the need to understand or comprehend everything”

“All I need is to listen deeply with my open heart, and mind”


Evidenced based research on the physiological and mental health effects of police brutality in the US:

Evidence-based research around birth disparities for black and indigenous women of colour in the US:

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