Birthing a New Earth: Unity, Community & Being the change

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Listen to the replay and learn more about::

  • The OpportUnity for Unity we are presented with
  • What we mean by Unity Consciousness
  • The messy middle and amplified polarities
  • Why black or white thinking is a function of fear of uncertainty
  • The “AND-principle” as a stepping stone towards Unity Consciousness
  • The importance of grief in embracing Unity Consciousness
  • The 4 practises for Unity Consciousness : Witnessing & Curiosity, Compassion, Love without conditions, Boundaries
  • Being an Ambassador for Love
  • The role of CommUnity in embracing Unity
  • Tree of Life Meditation

Link to purchase the recordings of “It’s time to Gather – Creating a Community that shines with you” 9th May 2020, learn how to create your own community anchored in Love!