Time to Shine

The Movement

Welcome dear one

Deep gratitude for finding us.
Welcome home to your loving tribe!
It has never before been more important to come together in circles of light, anchored in unconditional Love, so that we can SHINE from our true power within.
We are meant to shine right now.
It’s time! This is our time.
Together we illuminate the whole world.

What is Time to Shine ?

Founded in 2017, Time to Shine! is a global, online movement of healers, well-being facilitators, coaches, way-showers, therapists, intuitives, Earth-warriors, guides, Lightworkers, empaths, bridge-workers, medicine women, shamans, life doulas, artists, who understand that in order to serve humanity higher, we need to dig deeper and be the change. That’s how we unlearn and let go of the layers of conditioning and hiding that have been dimming our light and preventing us from serving from a place of deep power and purpose within.
In Time to Shine, we collectively remember the truth of who we are.
If we want to be a guiding light in someone else’s life, we must first become a guiding light in our own life. If we want to support the healing of another’s pain and darkness, we must face our own first. If we want to lead humanity into a new era on planet Earth, we must become a self-leader first. If we want other people to be held and supported by us, we must be willing to be deeply held and supported first.
We cannot give to others what we haven’t yet received or embodied ourselves.
Together we take the journey from fear to Love in our own lives so that we can guide others to do the same. That’s the only way we will all shine brighter.

Who is it for ?

Our movement is for people who know deep inside that they have a key role to play in these significant times of change. You may call yourself a healer, well-being facilitator, coach, way-shower, therapist, Earth-warrior, guide, Lightworker, empath, bridge-worker, medicine woman, shaman, life doula, artist -or not! You will most likely feel a deep sense of connection to the Earth, and you are certainly a deeply loving and purpose-driven person.

Why is Time to Shine important ?

When the Lightworkers of this world can come together in communities anchored in unconditional love to grow, heal and step into their leadership, a more loving, equal and peaceful world is possible. We are the people who will be the midwifes the new Earth. A world where people know that they are enough, have enough and treat themselves, each other and all life with reverence and respect.
The more we, the Leaders of Light, are in our power, the more we can be the lighthouse for others to find their way home.

Time to Shine - Time to Heal

Time to Shine supports your inner healing journey so that you can embrace unconditional love for yourself in an even bigger way.
Our work together enables you to:

  • Let go of rescuing, over-giving and a feeling of not being enough
  • Feel more empowered to become visible and share your truth
  • Feel more connected to your true self, your heart and other like-hearted souls
  • Feel celebrated for who you are
  • See with more clarity where you have been leaking energy, where old stories have had power over you and
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Come into greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies within you
  • Embrace the Leader of Light in you

Time to Shine - Time to Lead​

Right now we live in unprecedented times. We are living through one of the greatest energetic shifts humanity have experienced in thousands of years. We, the healers and Lightworkers of this world, were made for these times. This is what we came for. We prepared for this moment over many lifetimes. Our time is NOW.
Our Leadership is essential. In Time to Shine you are supported to learn more about what it means to be a Leader of Light at this time and how to create a community around your work that shines with you.

Who leads Time to Shine ?

Time to Shine is led by Emily Johnsson, who is a Light Leader, Spiritual Teacher and Way-shower at Wish Tree.  
Emily helps conscious Leaders to embody the truth of who they are and create their abundant heart-led service in these times of change.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same


What can I expect from Time to Shine ?

Time to Shine! is a community where you are lovingly held and supported on your journey of saying yes to the light in you and in your own life.
It’s a space where you have access to in-depth trainings, support and inspiration on your heart-led journey. It’s a powerful community of like-hearted souls who have your back. Our closed and carefully managed Facebook group is our Hub.
We also use the latest conferencing technology available to create transformational online events where you are able to engage in high-impact break-out sessions and 1-2-1 connection with your tribe.

Time to Shine – a safe space

Unlike many other online communities, Time to Shine has a powerful Agreement of Trust that enables us to show up fully for ourselves and others without the fear of judgement or rejection. We only share original posts in our space and we show up with the intention of connecting with others on the same path.

Our Agreement of Trust:

  • Practise showing up real and authentic – even when it feels vulnerable
  • Allow yourself to be held and supported
  • Allow yourself to go deeper, so you can serve higher
  • What is shared in the community stays in the community
  • Be a champion of other people in the community
  • Allow yourself to be held and supported
  • Participate actively

What is a Movement of Love? It’s many people taking action, individually and as a community, in the name of Love


Current Training offerings


Open Minds, Open Hearts

In this powerful and healing event, heart-led business owners Leanne Evans, Yvette Browne and Eden Croft speak to us about their recent experiences of navigating life, the coaching and wellness industry and their businesses as black women since the murder of George Floyd and before.


Shining bright in messy middle times: Uju Maduforo

In these messy middle times, we need each other more than ever. We need to lean in towards each other and listen, really listen. You are invited to do just that in this recording of the conscious conversation with the amazing Uju Maduforo, founder of the Africa’s Finest Mums' global network, author of the newly released "Uncle Gugi’s Wedding" and an Operations consultant. Uju was an integral part of growing the Wish Tree Academy during 2017 and 2018.


Time to live our values as conscious leaders

Now is the time to look at the extent to which we are truly living our values and are prepared to take a stand for them.
Living our values sometimes means making ourselves uncomfortable.
In this training we look at why black lives matter has got everything to do with running your heart-led business.


We are the seed planters

We are the seed-planters: why none of us can shine as bright as we are meant to until black lives matter.
Recorded on 12th June 2020.


How to become an influencer without any effort: 5-Day Challenge

In this 5-day challenge, we come together as budding Conscious Entrepreneurs and Heart-led business owners to practise the key mindsets that will lay the foundation for you to become a thought-leader and create impact through your communication with the world.


It’s Time to Gather – Recordings

All replays from the main stage of the live event, It's Time to Gather - Creating a Community that Shines With You.


Birthing a New Earth: Unity, Community & Being the change

Half a century after our elders began to manifest the dream of a new paradigm for our planet, we find ourselves in times where we truly have the opportunity to birth a New Earth, underpinned by community and Unity Consciousness. Recorded 22nd April 2020.


How to be highly relevant and abundant in times of change

Overnight, the climate in which we serve has changed. How can we stay highly relevant and be abundant in our service in these times of change?
Recorded on 2nd April 2020.


Anchoring the Leader of Light in you – Recordings

All replays from the main stage of the very first live Time to Shine event, Anchoring the Leader of Light in you.